‘Hostages’ episode 6: proves an asylum is saner than the Sanders’ house

The action continues to hurtle forward in CBS’ “Hostages” Monday (Oct. 28) even if the main event — assassinating the president — is barely mentioned.

It turns out that living in the Sanders’ household, under the point of a gun and with three very edgy kidnappers, is so fraught with danger that even a forcible commitment to an asylum is preferable.

Ellen’s (Toni Collette) sister, Lauren (Nina Arianda), shows up unexpectedly. Well, it’s not as if too much in the house is going according to some master plan anyway.

Duncan (Dylan McDermott) warns Ellen to get rid of her sister. Though Ellen tries, Lauren has nowhere else to go and barges in. This is, after all, her sister.

Both of the Sanders kids are back as well after botching their escape. Morgan (Quinn Shephard) goes to the doctor, who confirms that she is five weeks pregnant. The doctor notices Morgan’s bruises and the cut on her back, where the kidnappers implanted a tracking chip under her skin. The doctor questions her and Morgan can only come up with that they were cheerleading accidents. As soon as the teen leaves her office, the doctor calls in a report of suspected abuse.

Ellen is summoned to a meeting with Secret Service Agent Stan Hoffman (Paul Calderon). Hoffman handpicked an FBI agent to work on the mystery surrounding the death of Angela, the nurse blamed for administering the wrong drug to the president. That mistake, which Ellen intentionally made, delayed the operation that was supposed to kill the president.